Exceptional Quilting at Standard Rates

Quilted Treasures, LLC offers you a simple price rate that is based on the size of your quilt top. I simply multiply the length and width by inches and multiply the result by 0.025.

The price is inclusive of your chosen quilt design, as well as all batting, threads, needles, and other supplies that will be used in the quilting process. However, the price does not include your quilt backing, binding, shipping, or insurance.

Binding Services

Using the materials that you will provide, I can do binding services. Bindings will be machine-stitched to the front of the quilt, and then hand-sewn to the quilt back. You can be assured of a beautiful result at a rate of only $0.20 per linear inch.

Additional Information

  • You should provide your own backing fabric for the quilt.
  • Backings must be eight inches wider and eight inches longer than the quilt top (four extra inches on each side) so that the quilt can be placed on the frame.
  • Please remove all salvages from the backing if your material will be pieced.
  • Quilts without sufficient backing materials cannot be quilted and will be returned to the customer.

Quilt Top Preparation and Requirements

  1. Make sure that all seams are secure. 
  2. Clip all loose threads.
  3. Mark the top and bottom of the quilt top and backing if they are directional.
  4. Remove all pins and needles.
  5. Quilt tops and backings should be as even and squared as possible. Puckers, pleats, and fullness cannot be “quilted out.” The smoother your quilt top is, the better your quilt will finish.
  6. Do not add embellishments until the quilting is completed.
  7. If you plan to have scalloped or curved borders, it is best to wait and trim them after they have been quilted.

The extra time you spend making sure your quilt top is prepared correctly will make a big difference in the final look of your quilt, and is well worth the time and effort.